Wildroads “Riding On A Flamin’ Road” (2012)

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wildroads cover

Artist: Wildroads
Album: Riding On A Flamin’ Road
Label: New Idols Records / Self Distribution
Date of Release: 20th March 2012

1. Look At Me Burning
2. Wildroads
3. Sick Soul
4. She Has Been Cheated
5. Relieve My Life
6. Your Last Day
7. Rider Of The Sunset
8. To Be King
9. Titty Twister Blues (Open dusk ‘til dawn)

WildRoads were formed in Tuscany in 2001 from guitarist Nik Capitini’s ideas, and after several line-up changes they released their first EP in March, 2010. The current line-up consists of Nik Capitini and Giulio Antonelli on guitars, Michael Cavallini on vocals, Enrico Calderani on bass and Stefano Morandini on drums. Entering Freddy Delirio’s (Death SS, HAREM) FP Recording Studio they recorded their first album which came out on March 20/2012 with New Idols Records / Self Distribution in Milan.

From the go we are given high octane good feeling riffs and up-tempo beats whilst the vocals really make you glad you’ve put this album on. Cavallini’s command of the vocals really shows how good this album is from the very start with the vocal ranges and expressions, add to this the solos and anyone who has ever enjoyed fun-loving blues/rock will really appreciate this take. Making the Wah-Wah scream and using technical tapping sequences is not something we often hear in this type of music but I’m glad it was here. Back into the enjoyable melodies and well-kept rhythms of Morandini and the drums before another tapping and tap-slide sequence kicks in. The first song is awesome, give me more!

Song by song it just gets better and better, from the super-expressive riffs and licks, to the absolute command of the Wahs and Tapping sequences, to the speed-picking and technicality of the guitars, drums and bases. What have I missed? Oh yeah, the vocals, Cavallini makes full use of everything at his disposal whilst maintaining an absolute fun-loving attitude which can be heard in his vocals throughout.


So the last 4 tracks have given body-moving music to rock to so as we enter track 5 “Relieve My Life” we are gently slowed down to beautifully expressed tonalities and synths, which lay perfect grounding for Cavallini to come in once again and control the stage. Get those lighters out and start swaying to this great melodic anthem track which has all the great elements to keep it up there with the best of them. Into the solo sections and if you didn’t see this coming then I’d suggest taking a step back and listen to the last 4 songs again, this is just beautiful. For anybody that has heard “Warm Regards” by Steve Vai, this is very close in both tone and technicalities.

After two more exciting high-octane songs we are once again given the smooth riding song “To Be King” with the finger picked intros and verses is simply delightful and almost delicate to hear. Cavallini once again showing how versatile his vocal ranges are with the wonderful array of harmonies flying in from all directions.

For those of you that have seen From Dusk Til Dawn you’ll appreciate this last track “Titty Twister Blues (Open dusk ‘til dawn)” which is inspired from the Quentin Tarantino films. With the heavy blues type dry riffs common in ZZ Top and alike to the dirty drums and guitar licks, we really have a very great blues track at hand and all we’re missing is an extremely aggressive solo, but wait, what’s this… But of course, and boy is it something else!

I for one will be searching for guitar TABs to learn to play this stuff as I can see many others will be over time as well.

For fans of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Van Halen, ACDC, ZZ Top, and many others. If you love Blues, Rock, Heavy Rock, Good fun-loving music, this is for you!


Nik Capitini – Guitars
Giulio Antonelli – Guitars
Michael Cavallini – Vocals
Stefano Morandini – Drums
Enrico Calderani – Bass guitar




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