Members Of God “The Talking Words” (2011)

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Artist: Members Of God
Album: The Talking Words
Label: Copro Records/Casket Music
Year: 2011


1. Opening
2. Someone Knows
3. Talking Words
4. Magical Water
5. Promise Of Happiness
6. The Sense
7. My Friendship
8. It’s Saturday
9. The Value Of Past
10. People
11. Don’t Murder
12. Like Empty Lyrics
13. Decline
14. Power And Fire
15. Secrecy
16. Don’t Desire
17. Ten Words

Combining progressive symphonic metal with Jewish folk metal, Members of God have created religious inspired themes and music whilst moulding ideology and theology. Now, not being religious in any way at all the lyrics had no appeal to me but the music is not only moving, but inspiring throughout.

With the opening track taking the listener into a realm of the obscure and divine (yes, I said divine) there is a constant overwhelming desire to listen deeper. As we move into track 2 ‘Someone Knows’, the drive and blasting familiarity of Symphony X creeps in like Michael Romeo has been enlisted by the devil himself. This track is deeply spiritual (musically) with the combinations of orchestras and Eastern scales throwing the mind out into another place. This is beyond anything I was expecting and I actually looking forward to the next tracks. Taking a moment to breathe ‘Talking Words’ is just enough to get you ready for an onslaught of heaviness in the next track ‘Magical Water’. There is so much going on in this track and it’s very easy to feel lost with all the sounds. Although the writing is impressive this track seems to lack any real definition like other tracks. The solo mix of synths and guitars is very Steve Vai’s Love Secrets which is just fantastic to hear; after which you are thrown in the most interesting time signature changes whilst the music just confuses everything around you.

I’m getting used to these little orchestral breaks between tracks and ‘Promises of Happiness’ is no different, adding the much welcomed haunting chorals before taking you into ‘The Sense’ which is, well, interesting!
The piano’s introduction in ‘It’s Saturday’ is exceptional and screams Final Fantasy throughout whilst maintaining the composure of a beautifully thought-out track.
‘Like Empty Lyrics’ demands attention all the way through it, from the start with the heaviness all the way through to the chanting chorals of the choirs, into the most exotic leads you are ever to hear or ever expected to hear in this album. The only major problem with this track is there is way too much synth, it’s becoming one of the phrases I feel this album has abused and used to death.
Entering ‘Don’t Desire’ we are instantly thrown in neo-classical/power-metal elements of Yngwie Malmsteen, but it is fun! Where would any Malmsteen type be without the ridiculously fast shredding, it is well executed and doesn’t go on too long, thankfully!

Leaving the album with ‘Ten Words’ and the spoken vocals atop this beautiful music is just enough to send you off to sleep. A truly inspiring piece of music for all!

This is an interesting album with many obscure intricacies and phrases throughout but loses consistency towards the end. The mixing is clear to a degree but some sounds do feel like they disappear within the mix of all the instruments at times. The vocal lines have been well created and well written and are really crammed full of passion.


Jesus of Nazareth: Singer and Acoustic Guitars
Myriamor: Singer and backing vocals
Alex “Uriel” Pinto: Lead Guitars and choirs
Gianluca “Jahn” Pinto: Bass
Roberto Pinto: Keyboards
Pasquale D’angioilllo: Drums and Percussions


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