Loch Vostok “V – The Doctrine Decoded” (2012)

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Artist: Loch Vostok
Album: V – The Doctrine Decoded
Label: Vicisolum Records
Date of Release: October 4th 2012, through Vicisolum Records (digital release on September 28th)


01. Seeker
02. A Tale of Two Kings
03. Syndrome of Self
04. Citizen Cain
05. Twilight of the Dogs
06. Inflict Chaos
07. Regicide
08. Claim the Throne
09. Ravenous
10. Common Ground
11. Beyond the Obvious

Swedish avant-garde prog/death metallers Loch Vostok are back with their 5th album: “V- The Doctrine Decoded” released on October 4th, through Vicisolum Records (digital release on September 28th). Loch Vostok rose out of the collapse of Progressive Metal band Mayadome in 2001. After 10 years Drummer Teddy Möller was tired of the cheeze and decided to start something meatier – Loch Vostok was born.

From the very beginning of the album you get the sense of some quite spectacular forming inside you mind. Möller brings some of the most extreme black metal vocals to the album whilst allowing enough room for the music to introduce the listener to another method of writing.
As you move through the album one thing remains constant is the depth that keeps you listening, although at times it can feel like you would want to skip track you are glad you didn’t. The mix between the consistency of the effects (Keyboards), Drums, and Guitars is really well produced and put together. The solos are beautifully crafted and the tonality is worth listening to alone, you are given so much more throughout this album to keep your attention.

With “A Tale of Two Kings” and “Citizen Cain” really showing you how good this album could be you are given “Syndrome of Self” to really muddle things up with the obscure timings and progressive riffs. “Citizen Cain” and the solo sections is everything a song could ask for, the super speed shredding whilst maintaining consistency is nothing be great.

Regicide“, “Ravenous” and “Common Ground” give the listener a little more depth and solitude whilst remaining positively strong throughout.
Leaving the album with “Beyond the Obvious” is a nice surprising track to end with. Giving licks based on Eastern sounding scales and riffs to keep you moving until the very bitter end.

Melodically and Musically this album is flawless!


Teddy Möller – vocals/guitar
Mano Lewys – guitar
Fredrik Klingwall – keyboard
Jimmy Mattsson – bass
Lawrence Dinamarca – drums


Dark Logic (2004)
Destruction Time Again! (2006)
Reveal No Secrets (2009)
Dystopium (2011)
V: The Doctrine Decoded (2012)



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