Celtachor “Nine Waves From The Shore” (2012)

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Artist: Celtachor
Album: Nine Waves From The Shore
Label: Self-Released (Independent)
Date of Release: November 25th 2012


1. The Landing Of Amergin
2. The Battle Of Tailtin
3. The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg
4. Sorrow Of The Dagda
5. Tar éis an Sidhe
6. Conn Of The Hundred Battles
7. Anann: Ermne’s Daughter

Celtachor is a Blackened Folk Metal band from Dublin, Ireland. Born in 2007, it became a full working band in 2010, melding the influences of black/doom/folk metal together in one combined force. The band sees themselves as the narrators of Irish Mythology. The band’s main goal is to showcase their own vision of those stories, playing the music with passion and from the heart. The band just released their first album in November 2012. Celtachor has shared the stage with the likes of: Skyforger, Primordial, Heidevolk, Suidakra, Cruachan, Wolfchant, Alestorm, Mael Mordha, Waylander, Thurisaz, Nothgard, Darkest Era.

Technically speaking ‘Celtachor‘ have or rather “are” taking Celtic metal to the next step in interesting music with their second release to date “Nine Waves From The Shore“. Combining traditional whistles, Drums, chants, and black metal to make an interesting listening experience! With enthralling licks and riffs taking centre stage throughout the tracks there is never a dull moment. “The Landing Of Amergin” standing in at an impressive 10 minutes there really is no stopping this band, and based on this first track you wouldn’t want to. From the range of instruments coming in from everywhere you are given the best of the best throughout whilst Roche thickens the music with his intense vocal ranges.

Showing the true diversity of this band we are given “The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg” with the classic themes of Celtic traditions and whistles. But not for too long before we’re thrown back into the metal stronger and more intense than before. What really does make this band stand out is the clear-cut use of tribal drums mixed with the Agolloch feeling of expressions throughout. “The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg” is my favourite on this album as it encompasses everything that makes black metal great for me, from folk traditions to intense vocals and traditional instruments carrying their own roles in making the music a little more than one would expect.

As far as beautiful Celtic instrumentals come it doesn’t get much better than “Tar éis an Sidhe“. Within the gentle calm before the storm approach, lifting you off to a distant land far away from yourself and the mayhem laid before you. The whistles and the drums together are magnificent whereas the guitars themselves are just something else. A truly unique and spectacular track!

Back into the mayhem after the calm and we’re again thrown deep into the pits of hell with Roche holding all the controls. “Conn Of The Hundred Battles” takes the listener on an interesting journey within the minds of the creators. This is definitely one of those songs you will find your entire bodies moving along with, if not your souls too. Intense, dark, deep and brilliant!

Leaving the album with “Anann: Ermne’s Daughter” you are shown how much musical talent this band actually has. There really isn’t a dull moment throughout.

If you are a fan of heavy black folk metal then you’ll really enjoy this album!

This album is a listening experience!



Stephen Roche – Vocals/Whistles
David Quinn – Guitar
Emile Quigley – Bass
Anaïs Chareyre – Drums
Fionn Staffort – Guitar/Whistle


celtachor band


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