XIANOSYS “Chronicles…” (2012)

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Xianosys
Album: Chronicles…
Label: Jaff Prod
Year: 2012

1. The Seventh Gate
2. Divisions of Hatred
3. The Nine Lives
4. Dead Plains
5. Behind the Mirror
6. For These Words
7. Schizophrenia
8. New Order
9. Heart of Persia
10. Strength and Honor

Formed in 2004, Xianosys combine Traditional Metal with classical orchestrations inspired by soundtracks from the largest film productions of recent years. Inspired by composers such as John Williams and Hans Zimmer, Xianosys create music rich with harmony and magnitudes of power.

Straight into the music and we’re basically listening to Dream Theatre or Rhapsody with great opening sequences and progressive riffs, but as you progress you soon become aware of a sound issue, there is a serious mixing problem with certain levels in some of the tracks being far too loud in certain places and falling in and out of the track at other places. Into the solo sections and with what we’ve heard from all the theatrics of everything else in the orchestrated sections and guitar expressions I was expecting so much more in regards to solo’s. As the tracks progress, there are some really great technical introductions from the guitars with heavy riffs, but just as you get into them they cut out and the vocals take over with the pianos. As ‘The Nine Lives’ start I noticed an odd cymbal issue in the first 2 seconds, it goes from really gentle increase to loud all of a sudden. With modern music software available these days, this really should not happen. The lead guitars are highly expressive however and as the heavy riffage takes over you are left with great expectations.
Into ‘Behind the Mirror’ with the great horns and palm-muted heavy riffs which work really well with the vocals then before you know it we’re thrown head first into a highly expressive mix of choirs and orchestras with riffs coming in from everywhere. This is a great track throughout!
‘Schizophrenia’ opened up the musical understandings that this band really has with the mix of middle-eastern passages and super heavy pounding riffs. I thoroughly enjoyed this track with all the intricacies including the gallops and obscurities.
Possibly the most expressive track on this album has to be the final track ‘Strength and Honor with the combinations between female chanting, echoes, hypnotising acoustic guitars, beautiful textures and impressive bone chilling atmospheres’. I could listen to this track alone over and over, again and again.

So, what can I really say about this album? I suppose I’d say anybody that enjoys really powerful metal, experimental ideas, super-expressive melodies, orchestras and sheer musical technical knowledge should without doubt listen to this.



Phil: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Silver: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tony: Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Machine: Bass
Stoblaz: Keyboards



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