Tarchon Fist “Play it Loud” (Demo) 2011

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Tarchon Fist
Album: Play it Loud (Demo)
Label: My Graveyard Productions
Year: 2011

1. Play it Loud
2. I Stole a Kiss to the Devil

Italian band Tarchon Fist proudly gives us their 2 track demo Play it Loud and by god it is Heavy Metal at its best!

Play it loud screams ’80’s metal at us as it thunders through with heavy riffs and super melodies before the vocals really make this a track to be heard. This could quite easily be compared to so many other great bands, but does have a unique touch to it which is perfectly brilliant. The chorus leads us to sing along with it whilst remaining very melodic throughout. As the solos kick off, they’re everything you’d expect in good heavy metal with their own touch of brilliance.

Into I Stole a Kiss to the Devil and you’re thrown into the likes of Iron Maiden with super bass lines and happy-go-lucky riffs before the vocals give us another hard element of great metal with super harmonious licks and choruses.

For a 2 track demo I’ve become addicted to this and went looking for more of their previous works.


Marco “Lo Spezz” Pazzini – Bass
Andrea “Animal” Bernabeo – Drums
Luciano “Lucio” Tattini – Guitars
Federico “Heavy Rico” Mengoli – Guitars
Mirco “Ramon” Ramondo – Vocals



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