Scar for Life “3 Minute Silence” (2012)

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Artist: Scar for Life
Album: 3 Minute Silence
Label: Infektion Records
Date: Sep 10, 2012
Country: Portugal

1. Last Crow
2. Metabolic
3. White Shades
4. Interlude 1948
5. Burn It All feat. Kari Vahakuopus
6. before the Storm
7. One More Day feat. Anne Vitorino d’Almeida
8. 3 Minute Silence
9. The Journey
10. Old Man feat. Anne Vitorino d’Almeida
11. Brave Enough feat. Ged Rylands
12. One More Day (instrumental version)

Melodic Metal band Scar for life was founded by guitarist Alexandre Santos in 2008 following his compositional work with ‘Redstains’. Creating songs from vitriolic, groovy assaults to soft acoustic pieces this band is set to make an emotional yet powerful stand. 3 Minute Silence, is the bands third album to make a shout in the world. Recorded at Pressplay Studio at the begining of 2012, features a new lineup and an handful of guests such as Violinist Anne Vitorino d’Almeidam, Finnish singer Kari Vahakuopus (CATAMENIA) and British keyboardist Ged Ryland (ex-TEN). Drummer Joao Colaco (ex-MORE THAN A THOUSAND) stepped in whilst guitarist Sergio Faria added new depth on live performances.

Starting with an ambient acoustic intro combining Spanish-feel movements we are dragged into the metal beginnings of ‘Last Crow‘ and one could quite easily mistake this for a few other great songs out there. Leonel Silva unmistakably throwing those powerful rough vocal lines in to the mix whilst Dinho and his growls carries forth a pounding of structure and brilliance not often heard in music today; With the breakdown before the exquisite solo sections you almost lose feeling of the metal before. Galloping to an extreme is always good to hear in any metal band and Scar for Life has got it down to a tee on this track. We leave with a very ‘White Zombie-esq‘ outro!
Metabolic‘ gives us a great example of technical melodic metal from the very start with the delayed intro to the vocals in the verses being something quite special. The guitars keep an interesting melody flowing all the way through whilst maintaining a positive influence on the music. The mixing is superb and everything is so clear, which makes a change to hear in this type of music. Into the bridge before the beautiful solos come in and open up this track into a new. We are then thrown back into the power after an interesting short ‘Pink Floyd-esq‘ sequence.

interlude 1948‘ breaks down the last 3 tracks and gives us a beautiful spine chilling acoustic track to take a breather to before the more inevitable poundings like that of ‘Burn It All‘ with the anthem melody lines carrying this track into its own. Another great fulfilling track full of little oddities and complexities that really makes it stand out from the melodic rhythms and lead to the blasting of the drums and not forgetting those ever-so powerful vocals.
Before The Storm‘ is one of “those” tracks you could listen to over and over again. With the pounding rhythms and solos that take you unto an entirely new realm, there really is nothing this song doesn’t have. I loved it, and will be playing it again.

Back into another softer track and this time we’re given the wonderful textural layers of ‘One More Day‘ with the beautiful rhythms and vocals taking you on a journey into yourself. Bring in the violins of Anne Vitorino d’Almeida and everything seems perfectly calming, this has been so well written to encompass everything. The vocals really show how much talent and creativity is flowing through this band as going from metal to this is something quite special.
Into the album track ‘3 Minute Silence‘ and you are given very groovy metal full of distinguishing features and textural expressions from the vocal changes to the musical genius that covers it. I really am beginning to understand this band and what makes them “tick” so to speak, from the gentleness of those beautiful solos to the well crafted insanely textural solos like that in this track. Another superb song on what is becoming one of the best albums I’ve heard this year!

Bring in what is possibly the most beautifully haunting track on this album ‘Old Man‘ with the wondeful expressions from the very talented Anne Vitorino d’Almeida on violins, Nelson Raposo on pianos and the backing vocals from Jane Castro with the ambient and soothing simplicities that make this track into something wonderful. Give us then a little more life and we take the violins onto a new path where the drums kick in and everything goes a little exciting for a moment. It’s always a pleasure to hear lead guitars and violins next to each other, very complimenting instead of destroying each other. The vocals on this track are just enough not to destroy the feeling, whilst the solos are again perfectly fitting throughout, I can’t argue with this at all.

Leaving the album with the last 2 tracks ‘Brave Enough‘ featuring Ged Rylands on the keyboards and the instrumental versrion of ‘One More Day‘ really define how good this band can be, not only technically superior to many bands but with a complete understanding of classical modes and ambient textures. The vocals between Dinho and Silva make this one hell of an album throughout whilst the guitarists Santos and Faria extend the feelings beyond anything you could or would normally expect to hear from one album. Maybe over 3 albums you would come across the beauty and textural intensity that lies here, but “one” album!? It is far from great, it is Brilliant!



Leonel Silva – Vocals
Alexandre Santos – Rhythm, Lead Guitars & Bass
Joao Colaco – Drums
Sergio Faria – Lead Guitars on ‘Before the Storm’ & ‘Brave Enough’
Nelson Raposo – Piano

Album lineup

Leonel Silva – vocals
Alexandre Santos – lead & rhythm guitars, bass
João Colaço – drums

Anne Vitorino d’Almeida – violins on tracks 07 & 10
Sérgio Faria – lead guitars on tracks 06 & 11
Nelson Raposo – piano
Jane Castro – backing vocals

Kari Vähäkuopus (CATAMENIA) – vocals on track 05
Ged Rylands (ex-TEN) – keyboards on track 11
Dinho (NEW MECHANICA) – screams & growls on tracks 01, 03 & 11


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