Neuronia “Insanity Relapse” EP (2012) Track by track.

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Artist: Neuronia
EP: Insanity Relapse
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: May 14, 2012
Country: Poland

1. Alone in the Dark
2. 3:33
3. Kick the Fuckers Out
4. Moon over Providence

Polish Heavy Thrash metallers Neuronia offer up the latest instalment to their growing discography with the FREE to download EP ‘Insanity Relapse’ running in at a total playing time of 16 minutes 18 seconds of listening pleasure. Working alongside production master Pawel ‘Janos’ Grabowski (Antigama, Centurion, Disperse, Dianoya) who took care of the entire mixing and mastering process at the Progresja Studio this album has been met with great response all around the globe.
“We wanted to open a brand new chapter in the history of our band with this material”‘, says Michal “Misek” Rogala, who went on to state in response to working with Pawel Grabowski “We had the opportunity to work together on our last single, and it went great, so we decided to use Janos’ experience again, and it proved to be a fantastic decision. Thanks to his experience and a great ear for music, the sound of our new EP is flawless”.

For a 4 track EP, you really are given everything you’d expect from high octane riffs to melodies and progressions to keep you connected to the music all the way through. With a constantly moving groove keeping things alive and interesting there is never really a dull moment throughout.

Starting with ‘Alone in the Dark’ with the progressive structures and melodic harmonies taking this track into its own, add then the vocal combinations of ‘Maciej “Tektur” Nawrot’ and his powerfully interesting feature of riding along melody lines makes this a really interesting piece of music. Into the solo and it’s always nice to hear well crafted lead guitars working well within the music, the tonality is exceptional and delivered beautifully. A great starting track!

Another melodic track follows in with ‘3:33’ with haunting vocals commanding attention from the very start. In come the guitars and drums really opening this track up for more well thought out blasting, before the inevitable madness that are the solos combining clever pitch squeals (harmonics) and wah/wah intricacies blow your head off leaving you with a brief introduction from the bass before the song comes back to give you another beating. Exciting music at its best!

Let’s have a bit thrash shall we! Welcome to ‘Kick the Fuckers Out’. The old-school head bangers will love this one with everything just reminding you of growing up in this world of metal. Another brilliant song!

By far my favourite track, ‘Moon over Providence‘ opens up with excellently delivered metal phrasing with muting and squealing before the vocals take over and enhance the sound and experience a little further. It’s always a pleasure for me to hear well controlled tremolo bar activity combined with pitched harmonics in a track. Add to this the progressions of the drums and vocals which really take you into another era of music. Into the solo sections with high speed tapping sections and beautifully crafted speed picking, this really has everything. I want more!

If you really enjoy good metal then you’ll love this EP and seeing as it’s free anyway there’s no excuse not to go get it.



Michal “Misek” Rogala – Rhythm Guitar
Maciej “Tektur” Nawrot – Vocals
Rafal “Lewy” Lewandowski – Lead Guitar
Daniel “Beton” Grotkiewicz – Bass
Lukasz “Lukas” Sobczyk – Drums


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