Jess and the Ancient Ones “Jess and the Ancient Ones”, (2012)

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Jess and the Ancient Ones
Album: Jess and the Ancient Ones
Label: Svart Records
Date: May 23, 2012
Country: Finland

1. Prayer for Death and Fire
2. Twilight Witchcraft
3. Sulfur Giants (Red King)
4. Ghost Riders
5. 13th Breath of the Zodiac
6. Devil (in G minor)
7. Come Crimson Death

Occult Rock band from Kuopio, Finland, ‘Jess and the Ancient Ones‘ are creating music with the purpose being the exploration of magical realms beyond the mundane. The band’s lyrical concepts are based upon the personal occult experiences of the writers, which combined with music creates a strong mystical atmosphere and unforgettable live performances.

Straight into the album and we’re thrown into great body moving and head banging riffs with the combined melodic vocals and enticing leads giving you a bit of Rock-Blues and Modern Rock. Add to this the synths in ‘Prayer for Death and Fire’ leaves you wanting more. A thoroughly enjoyable start to this album!
Sulfur Giants (Red King)’ is more than I could have ever wanted in a track. Using very simple rhythms and a harmony line which is so hypnotising in every way, and if that doesn’t grab your attention then the beauty of the vocal harmonies certainly will. Before you realise it, you’re into part 2 of it and yes, that was just the intro! Imagine Iron Maiden slowed down a little and what you have here is an exceptionally great anthem based track. As the track progresses you jump back into what could quite easily be another intro with the breakdown which feels very similar and yet is exquisite the second time round.

Ghost Riders’ up next and for me it was a great delight hearing this very passion filled track. From the very start you can feel the music inside you, growing, evolving into what comes next. Again we’re given a mixed combination of rich melodic vocals and powerful riffs with the most exotic harmonies.

Track by track you are given everything one could ever ask for who enjoys that great rock sound and feel. Ending with the last powerfully vocal driven song ‘Come Crimson Death’ with the classically played mid section you could quite easily disappear into yourselves without a moment’s thought and with the beauty and passion in Jess’s vocals this is one exceptionally well made song.

This album is a must for anyone who enjoys great classic rock filled with deep inspirational harmonies.


Jess – Vocals
Thomas Corpse – Lead guitar
Thomas Fiend – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Von Stroh – Rhytm guitar
Fast Jake – Bass
Abraham – Keyboard
Yussuf – Drums & percussion



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