Burning Point “The Ignitor” (2012)

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Burning Point
Album: The Ignitor
Label: Scarlet Records
Date of Release: Summer 2012

1 Eternal Flame
2 In the Fire’s Of Myself – Made Hell
3 In the Night
4 The Ignitor
5 Silent Scream
6 Heaven Is Hell
7 Losing Sleep
8 Demon Inside Of You
9 Everdream
10 Lost Tribe
11 Holier Than Thou

Welcome to the world of power metal combining magnitudes of high end technical abilities far greater than most of the biggest power metallers out there today. Founded in the fall of 1999 in Oulu, Finland, Burning Point have gone from strength to strength giving their listeners an all-round listening experience. With such a colourful album in your hands and the beautiful cover artwork which was handled by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iron Savior) you are left in a state of awe, or rather, should be.

As with Power Metal over the years, we have come to expect certain little traits to exist, from high speed licks and phrasing to the powerful wailing of the front man/woman; and yet as you progress through the album you are almost left with the “Well that sounded like the last one” feeling. The solos are what you’d expect in high octane power metal, super expressive and super speed. The shredding and speed picking take you into the realms of Herman Li or Malmsteen at their best and the vocals keep things very powerful and hold a great feeling to things as the songs progress track by track. Although the solo sections are really technical which I truly appreciated, some of the the rhythm sections really don’t seem to keep the tracks alive, and aren’t that impressive.

With the mix of effects like that in ‘Eternal Flame’, ‘In The Fire’s Of Myself – Made Hell’ and the heavy metal introductions like that in ‘Losing Sleep, In The Night’ to the power metal intro’s in ‘Holier Than Thou’ and the well over-used Bach phrasing you really do have an ultimate Power-Metal album absolutely jam packed with everything that makes this genre so extraordinary to listen to.



Pete Ahonen / Vocals & Guitars
Pekka Kolivuori / Guitars
Jukka Jokikokko / Bass
Jussi Ontero / Drums


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