Blood Mortized “The Key to a Black Heart” (2011)

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Artist: Blood Mortized
Album: The Key to a Black Heart
Label: FDA Rekotz and Chaos Records
Release Date: November 2011
Country: Sweden


CD Version

1. Unleashing The Hounds (Rick Rozz from Massacre, Death, M inc) soloing on this track
2. The Heretic Possession
3. Only Blood Can Tell
4. Dead and Rotten
5. Doomsday Architect (Rick Rozz from Massacre, Death, M inc) soloing on this track
6. Rekviem
7. To Murder a God
8. Shadow of the Quarter Sun
9. Bringer of Eternal Death
10. The Key to a Black Heart

Vinyl Version

1. Unleashing the Hounds (Rick Rick Rozz from Massacre, Death, M inc) soloing on this track
3. Only Blood Can Tell
4. Dead and Rotten
5. Rekviem
6. Doomsday Architect (Rick Rick Rozz from Massacre, Death, M inc) soloing on this track
8. Burn and Die
9. Bringer of Eternal Death
10. The Key to A Black Heart

Founded by vocalist Mattias Parkkila and guitar player Benny Moberg in Stockholm, Sweden late 2007, Blood Mortized are an unpolished Swedish Death Metal band created by veterans of the Swedish old school death metal scene.
In April 2008 guitarist Anders Biazzi (formerly Hansson) joined the band, followed by drummer Mattias Borgh in late August 2008; February 2011 saw Gustav Myrin join the ranks as the new second guitar player and in June Mattias Söderlund was drafted as the new bass player.

Into the album and you’re immediately thrown into intense death metal with a heavy introduction from the drums smashing your mind apart. With the vocal layers and breaks built in, there really is an interesting mix up of melody throughout which a lot of death metal seems to lack. An interesting first track to the album!
Blasting into “The Heretic Possession” with the guitars driving another melodic fusion of intense metal heavy enough to induce involuntary body movements is a great start to another well driven track. With the heaviness and harmonic passages throughout the vocal sections and the combo’s with the bass and drums really opening up this track you couldn’t ask for more.
Into “Only Blood Can Tell” is epic from the very start with the haunting melody lines flowing throughout this track. Even with the vocals coming in and dominating, you don’t lose that purity that could quite easily dissapear. Adding to the mass of intense music you have this overwhelming sensation to move with the music as it progresses, the drums commanding attention throughout until the solos come in which based on the first song could have been over the top, and they aren’t! It’s a “nice” well presented interesting song from start to finish.

As you progress through the album one thing appears apparent throughout and that’s how much time and precision has been taken to make this sound the absolute best it can. There doesn’t seem to be an error or even an incline of one anywhere, which in this sort of music is very easy (generally) to spot. The accuracy contained within demands attention and it’s not difficult to give the band or this album that attention. “The Key to a Black Heart” album really does define what is great about death metal!

Rekviem” starts with one of those memorable but haunting intro’s that we all love to hear, like that of “Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’” and the classic yet memorable haunting riff that really grabs your attention from the starting pistol. After the intro you are dragged head first through the pits of your very self, and the torment you allow to grow within your minds. An exemplary execution of melodic soloing, with the drumming really expanding everything throughout here is beyond perfect, it is excellent to hear. “Rekviem” is melodically perfect whilst remaining harmonically accurate; to have these two things in one piece of music is very rare and yet brilliant to hear. We leave this track almost like we start it, in the haunting mass of no-nonsense chanting.

Let’s get really heavy now with “Bringer of Eternal Death” and if you weren’t already moving you will be now; this song is everything you’d expect in death metal from the power thumping of the bass and kicks, up to the leading riffs of the guitars into the super heaviness of those intense vocals. This track is a great reminder of how good death metal used to be, especially for the old-school metallers out there. The solo is nothing to be desired but then the song really makes up for where the solos lack depth.

We leave with the album titled track “The Key to a Black Heart” and boy what a track! If you hadn’t had enough of a blasting throughout this album so far, this track will give you your final beating. Combining everything good from the last 9 songs into one mass of madness, which sends you back to a time when music was good, when music was as demanding as it was intense and if you haven’t found it through this album then maybe you never will.

The Blood Mortized album “The Key to a Black Heart” has really brought back that greatness that was heavily driven death metal and I’ve missed it to be honest. The intensity throughout this album shouldn’t be taken with a pinch of salt; it has the means and power to blow your head off!



Blood Mortized is:

Mattias Parkkila: Vocals (Previously with Stigmata, E.G.Y.P.T and Excretion. Session vocals for Excruciate. Current side projects are Birch Mountain and Malfeitor).

Anders Biazzi: Guitar (Biazzi (formerly Hansson) was a member of early death metal bands like Patholog, Scum and Amon Amarth. Biazzi played with Amon Amarth between 1991 and 1998 and performed on the bands demos and the first two official releases).

Gustav Myrin: Guitar (Played with early death metal band Pathalog. Relased demos, three albums and toured with dirty rock & rollers Apes IQ between 2001 until 2010).

Mattias Söderlund: Bass (Recorded albums and toured heavily through Scandinavia with Swedish punk legends Charta 77.)

Mattias Borgh: Drums (A member of early old school bands such as Embryo and the newly resurrected cult phenomen Crypt of Kerberos. He is also well known for his percussive work with Arcana.)!/BloodMortized


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