Bisongrass “Self-Titled” (2012)

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Bisongrass
Album: Self-Titled
Label: Self-Released
Date of Release: 15th September 2012

Track listing:

1. Electrified Gypsy.
2. Infected.
3. Seeds Of Hate.
4. Unipolar.
5. Square Turkey.
6. Desert Rose.
7. Sounds Like Trouble.
8. Halos At Sunrise.

Formed in late 2010, formerly Bison, from Aberdeen UK Played their first gig 13th August 2011; featuring the current and former members of Dredwater, KCHGH, Ablach, Filthpact, Risactonia, and Korpse. After only a few gigs they won both the Best Band 2012 & Best Newcomer 2012 at The Fudge Aberdeen Music Awards. Their debut, self-titled album is set for a September 15th release.
Produced and mixed by Niall Mathewson and Bisongrass at The Mill Studios, Aberdeen, and has been primed as one of the heaviest things coming out this year.

Jumping into the most exciting funky riffage with “Electrified Gypsy” from the likes of White Zombie to Sabbath we enter this first track not too far from the expressive tendencies of Jim Morrison and the Doors with a little metal growing in-between the nuances. Given the influences of this band I’d be surprised not to hear some home-grown metal creeping out of the floor and onto the shelves. “Infected” really gives us some fantastic expressions and gracefulness whilst maintaining a fixture of super-expressive metal. The solo’s are not only well textured but very rich combining all the great techniques you’d expect in heavy metal without losing too much control.
On the first bar of “Seeds Of Hate” you automatically feel your body moving along to this exhausting pounding of metal and depth throughout. The drumming from James Dron really keeps this alive and moving whilst the vocals leave you yearning for more. Again the super-expressive almost destructive soloing takes a new turn opening up another field of masochistic madness for your listening pleasure.
Slowing the pace down a little we’re given the intro to “Square Turkey” featuring rich subtle textures of the blues/rock guitars feel whilst remaining positively as strong as the previous few. For great ‘stoner’ metal this is up there with the best of them. Kicking in to the riffs and we’re thrown head first back into a little madness which is all too familiar but much loved.

From hypnotic opening riffs like “Seeds of Hate” to the “Desert Rose” you are undoubtedly shown what can be achieved with the right amount of texture and expression without going over-the-top. Keeping a perfect balance of obscurity and mayhem whilst remaining positively unique and strong is everything that is good about this album! Throwing in powerful vocal textures and guitar passages whilst the drums glue you to the floor keeping you focussed throughout.
From a not too distant past we were given the absolute best of metal from the likes of Sabbath to Geezer Butler to Rob Zombie, and now as you enter “Sounds like Trouble” you get that distinction of everything you knew and loved whilst remaining positively great in its own standing. Again giving you those superb riffs and powerful structures to the head banging drums and basses, moving you along with this excellent piece of music whilst remaining positively up there with the best of them!

Leaving the album you’re given one more blast of metal with absolutely everything you’ve heard in this album from the subtle hypnotising nuances to the intense vocals and really heavy muting from those guitars. “Halos At Sunrise” is a great way to leave what has been an absolutely great listening experience.

If you’ve never heard them before like myself I’d implore you to give it the album shot. This is slightly beyond the average stoner metal which we all know and yet opens up a few more possibilities of throwing your mind out to the music and letting Bisongrass control everything else.


Bisongrass band line up:

Mark Craig – Vocals.
Aaron Rodger – Guitar.
James Dron – Guitar.
Farmer Giles – Bass.
Taff – Drums



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