Australasia “Sin4tr4” EP (2012)

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Australasia
Album: Sin4tr4 – EP
Label: Golden Morning Sounds
Year: 2012
Country: Italy


1. Antenna
2. Spine
3. Apnea
4. Scenerio
5. Satellite
6. Retina
7 Fragile

As far as interesting instrumental albums go this Australasia EP is definitely on those lines of pleasingly obscure, whilst it remains very close to that of Mike Oldfield or Ennio Morricone in terms of clever technical pieces, it delivers a delightful combination of chill out music combined with metal extremes. Regarding musical deliverance and sound quality the EP is crystal clear and has been produced exceptionally well, regardless of some sounds being drowned out due to technical anomalies often found in this music. Song by song you are given fascinating arrays of beats mixed with effects and atmospheric pads.

Having attacked this album 3 times so far I find there is always something new to take note of as sounds appear to come out of the cracks demanding notice.

Although, with all the obscurities built in you are still left puzzling over the metal element even though you know it is there. The majority of this album is designed around the Dance/Trance element, whilst a small part of it gives attempt to metal and rock, in whole making this definitely an interesting approach.

If you enjoy chill out music with little obscurities such as Trance and Metal then this will certainly warm those cockles of yours.



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