Ash the Sky “3 Track Demo” (2012)

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Ash the Sky
3 track demo

1. Let Freedom Ring
2. No Mercy
3. Conflict

Melodic Death metal takes a new front in the face of ‘Ash the Sky‘ from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, with their latest 3 track demo available for streaming now.

As you enter the tracks for the first time you are given blasts of highly influenced metal reigning from the likes of Metallica, Forbidden, Immortal and Yngwie Malmsteen with the technical shredding. Combine this with the high octane Thrash and Metal riffs and you have yourself a pretty good first insight to this British band. With the death metal growls and highly cleverly constructed riffing passages the music really opens itself up to its full potential.

Technically ‘Ash the Sky‘ are as good as any other melodic band out there, however the melody lines do benefit the music so much more than others and you can hear it.

If the album turns out to be as good as these 3 tracks then it will become something quite special.

A truly excellent listening experience well worth awaiting more!

Michael J Felder (Guitars and Vocals)
Chris Morgan (Bass)


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