VAINDUSTRY “All For Pain” (2011)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Vaindustry
Album: All for Pain
Label: Negative Entertainment
Year: 2011

1. All for Pain
2. Stand Up
3. Dancing on your Grave
4. My Enemy
5. Goodbye
6. Fade Away
7. Right Here, Right Now
8. Leave Me alone
9. The Government
10. My Bleeding Eyes
11. Toy Soldier

Over the years Industrial Metal has seen many faces come and go, However Vaindustry could be bringing a new light on this wonderful genre. Using a mixture of Metal, Euro-pop and an obscure twist of Industrial this band is really making its way and have impressed many along it.

‘All for the pain’ starts this little mixture of madness with high end Synths and fierce metal, great melodic vocal lines and thrashing drums. The textures and tones between all instruments have been very well written, allowing for all music lovers to take part in this. ‘Dancing on your Grave’ with the combinations between the softer breakdowns into the heavier choruses and then into brilliant warming tones of the piano’s is superb. The use of fast paced solo’s and super tones is simply exquisite! ‘My Enemy’ has the use of death metal vocals and synth melody lines that take this track into its own, and let’s not forget the anthem driven harmony lines which are very addictive. ‘Goodbye’ starts like a well presented trance track, until it really kicks in with the effects and vocal lines. The mix between the heavy guitar chugs, gallops, and pianos are not only mesmerising but exciting to the ears! As the track progresses, it hits a breakdown point which is so well organised, but not for long, and you’re back in the melodies of mania. ‘The Government’ starts with what I thought was going to be a take on old skool jungle, before the most obscure vocals and melody lines within the synths take it into a new direction. The vocals are very strange on this track with the use of effects to split the octaves; It almost feels as they’ve added an addition set of vocals on top with a different octave to get this effect, but it is very clever none-the-less. With a mixture of pianos, synths, strings, and galloping guitars happening in ‘Toy Soldier’ before the Euro-pop vocals take the track into a new era/genre, makes this track very obscure. Add to this the death growls and you have no idea where the music will take you next.

The album is excellent, and worth more than a listen. You have to experience this!


Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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