TORNADO “Amsterdamn, Hellsinki” (2011)

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Artist – Tornado
Album – Amsterdamn, Hellsinki
Label – Listenable Records
Release Date – Aug 30, 2011

1. A Bolt Statement
2. Hate Worldwide
3. 3 of 8
4. Massive Extinction Impact
5. Eugenics
6. Ignorance Is Thy Name
7. Noora
8. Blue
9. Priesthood Pedophilia
10. Diva
11. Tunisia Uprising
12. Rise Diciples, Rise

Since the 2002 release ‘Triumph of the King‘ with Angular Records, Tornado has not only updated their label but they have been busy creating another powerful album “Amsterdamn, Hellsinki”. With a short overall run play time of 39:40 in comparison to the ‘Triumph of the King’ sitting at 56:02 you are given a quick blast of heavy metal from all directions. So, is it any good?

Into the very first song and we are given the very famous eastern scales combined with very fast thrash and neo-classical sweeping. Add to these very obscure lyrics and before you know it or would have thought it you in the second track with the very fast panning sequencing and fast riffs. The excellence in the soloing alone is enough to keep any guitarist that appreciates clever techniques hooked. With everything that is going on inside this album this would ideally suit someone that likes very fast thrash with obscure lyrics and licks to keep the brain amused for half an hour.

There is no stopping at any point in this album other than ‘Norra’ which almost tries to trick you into believing things may be calming down a little. However, once you’ve switched it on you are put on a rollercoaster of musical madness (well, genius perhaps?) The vocals don’t suit me at all but are very well placed and used with great expressions and articulations.

If you are a fan of crazy fast melodic power metal/thrash with high speed neo-classical shredding, tapping, and sweeping then this will definitely have you hooked.

A very good album and I can only hope to hear more from ‘Tornado’ in the near future.

Superstar Joey Severance – Vocals
Michiel Rutten – Guitar
Ben Varon – Guitar
Pekka Johansson – Bass
Juhana “Starvin Marvin” Karlsson

Produced by Peter Tägtgren
Mastered by Jonas Kjellgren

Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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