THE CHIMPZ “Who Can I Trust” EP (2011)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: The Chimpz
EP: Who Can I Trust
Label: Independent (Self Released)
Year: 2011

1. Victim
2. Corrupt
3. Killing Me
4. Who Can I Trust
5. Mr. 44

Straight out of L.A, The Chimpz are entertaining folk from Punk rock, Rock, Metal, and Rap backgrounds. Having played at some of the greatest venues across the US, such as the ‘Whiskey a Go Go’, ‘House of Blues’, ‘Uproar Festival’ they combine a mixture of rap oriented rock and metal like predecessors before them ‘Rage against the machine’.

The layers between metal guitars and heavy bass licks give turn to some very colourful progressions, like that in the track ‘Corrupt’; Then add to that the solo’s which are extremely well executed leaving you wanting more. The mixtures of effects and beats have been very well placed to make a great combination with progressions of the synths in ‘Killing Me’ being just enough to be a great EP. The remaining tracks on this EP are just as technically enthralling as the others. Enter ‘Who Can I Trust’ and the delayed lead melody line just gets your body moving to this all the way.

The overall mix is excellent, the vocal lines are full of expressions, and the music progressions are gracefully produced to give the best possible outcome.

A brilliant listen.

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

L-R: Capz (Drums)
Sonic: (Bass)
Scary Cary: (Lead Guitar)
Chuck P: (MC, Vocals)
Artimus Prime: (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)


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