OPENING SCENERY “Mystic Alchemy” (2011)

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Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Opening Scenery
Album: Mystic Alchemy
Label: Underground Symphony
Year: 2011

01. Ante Bellum
02. The Third Eye
03. Seaquake of Souls
04. Black Roses Kiss
05. The Light beyond the Dream
06. The Seventh Gate

The Mystic Alchemy Suite

07. Scene I: The Final Destination
08. Scene II: Old Memories
09. Scene III: At Twilight
10. Silence after Storming

Turin (Italy) 2003, Progressive-power metal band Opening Scenery is formed and comes to its final stage three years later in 2006, becoming the result of the union of five Musicians pulled together by their passion for metal and progressive.

Immediately you’re thrown into the technical sides of progressive guitar riffs with the Synth melody line taking control. A little further into the first track on the cross between the effect driven vocal sub-lines and choruses you can feel the integrity of this track becoming more and more intriguing step by step. There is a fantastic breakdown using very cleverly executed time signature changes before the heaviness creeps in for a little look at the darkness. ‘Ante Bellum’ is a fabulous first track! ‘Seaquake of Souls’ starts with an almost “Zen” garden take, before the metal guitars destroy that attempt of bliss. Again the vocals and melody lines increase the depth of the music and change your listening mind. As the song progresses a little further the amount of sounds going on at one time is quite excellent; the drums become so hypnotic taking you deeper into the track itself. Another great track brings you ‘The Seventh Gate’ the almost Metallica-esq intro with the malmsteen-esq sequences before the prog takes over. The vocals become super expressive here with the guitar solos creating octave harmonies between the left and right really taking this track into a new era.
Enter ‘The Mystic Alchemy Suite’ with a unique breakdown of sounds and sequences, almost like a ‘B-side’ or the elusive ‘Hidden Tracks’ of an album, but how special these are! ‘Scene II: Old Memories’ is an excellent example of super-expression giving you warm textures and rhythmic progressions beyond the rest of this album. Simply exquisite! The album ends with a gentle peaceful breakdown of choral atmospheres and orchestrated instruments.



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