NO PLACE FOR HEROES “No Place For Heroes” (2011)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: No Place For Heroes
Album: No Place For Heroes
Label: Independent (Self Released)
Year: 2011
Produced by: NPFH
Mixed by: Krang Team

1. Ready to Fall
2. Kill Da Disco
3. Surrender
4. The Unit
5. Sound Disease
6. The March
7. How long to be a man
8. (Dis)United Nations

Haunting mid-tempos chasing up a heavy beat with bass driven insanity on the first intro of ‘Ready to Fall’ is quite exciting to say the least. With the high speed picking and wah effects this song musically is extraordinary, add to that then the vocal passages between the growling and chorus based gentler ranges and you have so many great elements and modulations going on here. With the body moving tempos and beats you get through the tracks you are always going for a good ride with this.

As you enter ‘Surrender’ with the magnificent vocals and ambient textures leading your mind into a false sense of security with the warm phrasing and obscure hypnotising features it’s very easy to mistake this band for something other than what they actually are. Pure brilliance and richness is shown throughout this track without the need for ridiculousness.

As you go through the music, it not only gets heavier, but technically… better! With strong guitar techniques and drums to destroy the “Average” experience this is fantastic to hear. The vocals constantly changing from ambient dreamscapes like that in ‘Sound Disease’ and ‘The Unit’.

From Funky bass lines to heavy guitars and hypnotising vocals which are all being chased by the most obscure drums and effects to keep you on this crazy road. This album is far more than you could expect!


Will Maurer – Vocals/Guitar
Emile Tempere – Bass/Vocals
Germain Desprès – Drums
Olivier L’Heureux – Lead Guitar

“Surrender” – Official Music Video:



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