NEKROFEIST “Nekrofeist EP” (2010)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: NekroFeist
Album: Nekrofeist EP
Label:  MGM/Gadigal
Release Date: May 2010

1. Dominiputris
2. Choke
3. Destroyed
4. Government Ruins

Australian groove metal band ‘Nekrofeist’ have been busy creating a mass of hard tunes for lovers of solid groove metal. With the line-up consisting of Dave Tinelt – Vocals, Rob Giles – Bass, Paul Gilroy – Drums, Damon Bishop – Guitar, they are set to re-groove the metal world without limits. Dave Tinelt has now become known for his powerful, ruling and highly energetic vocal abilities. Whether smooth and clean or throaty and aggressive, ‘Tinelt’ has an incredible depth and full tone to his voice.

From track to track you are given raw intense blows to the side of the head as immense riffs and drum attacks come attacking from everywhere. With the Bass intro at the start of ‘Dominiputris’ into the gentle gallops of the guitars before the vocals come in with their fierce empowerment this starting track is a great first track. ‘Choke’ seems to have lost all the power you were given in the first track, slowing the tempo down considerably, lighter guitars and softer vocals. Although there are a few neat elements to this track, there weren’t enough to keep me hooked unlike the first.
Into ‘Destroyed’ with the mystic intro and haunting melodies this song has captured a part of me already. When the vocals do start with the layered harmonies, it really does open up the possibilities for this song. You’re then thrown in to great thrash metal elements with super classic solos and highly expressive phrasing before the vocals come back in again and expand the whole song a little more.
We leave with ‘Government Ruins’ which is just a modern take on thrash metal, yet very heavy influenced, which you can hear, but is good none-the-less.

Overall, this is a great EP full of classic funk/groove licks and rhythms to keep you attached all the way.


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