MY DYNAMITE “My Dynamite” (2012)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist – My Dynamite
Album – My Dynamite
Label – Listenable Records
Release Date – March 2012

1. Take It or Leave It
2. Inside Out
3. If We’re Living
4. Dirty Game
5. Watch Yourself Grow
6. Raise Your Glasses
7. Singing Stormy Weather
8. Big Attraction
9. All That She Brings
10. Fork in Your Tongue

Post Rock’n’Roll/R’n’B(Rhythm and Blues) band My Dynamite are back and are dominating the stage. With their highly expressive vocals, great use of riffs and crunchy choruses, these lads are taking that southern post rock’n’roll and are sending you a new wave a rock/blues for your listening pleasure.

With Pat Carmody (vocals, harp), Jorge Balas (guitar), Benny Wolf (guitar), Travis Fraser (bass), Simon Aarons (drums) bring a vast range of influences to the stage including blues, Soul and Classic Rock’n’Roll they are making themselves known via their expressive shows and unique sound.

“We’ve all grown up listening to various forms of music and what we are doing compliments our interests and styles,” “We’re all really into what we are doing at the moment” says Carmody. From completely filing the front bar of the legendary St Kilda venue at The Esplanade Hotel for the EP launch to the Espy in Australia, add to this the huge constantly growing fan base, there really seems no stopping these guys.

Carmody admits “The last couple of songs we have written have had a whole lot more heart and soul going into them,”“You can’t have a 45-minute set that says ‘let’s get drunk and act like animals’ from start to finish’. People will get over it by about half-way through the show. Or pass out. Or we will!” “Lyrically and musically, songs we have written express what is going on in our personal lives directly, and the whole situation around us, the need for more positive vibrations and to keep it real takes first place around our music. We are spreading our wings musically and definitely won’t be pigeonholing ourselves anytime soon.”

Upon putting the album on you are thrown ringside into highly expressive crunchy rock’n’roll and fast paced blues. From track to track you are given a brief introduction into the things that makes this band ‘Tick’, from the raunchy riffs, powerful vocals, and the fast head/body moving bass licks, you are left with so many elements of sheer madness combined within one album.

A thoroughly entertaining album with structures to make even the dead and buried lift their heads for a look.

Reviewed by Dylan Raine



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