MIRRORMAZE “Walkabout” (2012)

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Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Mirrormaze
Album: Walkabout
Label: Bakerteam Records
Year: 28th May 2012

1. Prisoner
2. Earn your answers
3. Vicious Circle
4. Lost In a Belief
5. Joke
6. Deeper Signs
7. Walkabout
8. Missing
9. Broken Soul

Progressive metal has a new face called ‘Mirrormaze’ with influences of Dream Theatre, Nevermore, Symphony X and Rush the music is highly expressive and full of textures that expand not only the sound but also the feelings that are produced upon listening to the album. Featuring a very special guest appearance by Fates Warning’s legendary frontman ‘Ray Alder’ on the song ‘Deeper Signs’ this album which was mixed and mastered by Staffan Karlsson (Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Roxette, Firewind) at Landgren Studios 5.1, Sweden has so many great features to it.

As you go through the tracks the definition between the rich tonalities of the all the instruments are so well defined here. For example, the lead guitars takes you to and fro between ‘Michael Romeo’, ‘Steve Vai’,  and ‘David Gilmore’ esq licks and feelings whilst the vocals go beyond everything else with super qualities and expressions whilst the music continues in the fast progressive attacks.

As you hit the 4th track on the album ‘Lost in a Belief’ you almost think you could be listening to something by either the ‘Gypsie Kings’ or ‘Pink Floyd’ with the delayed acoustic intro and gentle flow this really is a great piece of music. As the vocals go in and out between the likes of ‘Matthew Bellamy’ with the harmonics then into the rock based power it really is something special. Into a a sweeping solo section between lead guitars and synths which pans between the left and right channels is not a great sound and really put me off this song, you lose everything this song has done to achieve the greatness up to now as the mix gets so confused and really sounds awful. It does return to a good track but during the solo section and the panning really lost all my hopes. The mixture of effects between the choruses and chops are brilliantly executed.

For any band to display ‘Pink Floyd’ as a major influence of theirs then go on to create a piece of music that sounds almost like ‘High hopes’ by Pink Floyd is taking a risk in my books. As soon as I heard ‘Missing’ I was thrown head first into Pink Floyd and taken there. It was good the first time round, so what makes Mirrormaze any different? Well, not much to be blunt. The song is nice but far too similar and has no real individual input or addition other than a lyrics change.

Into the last track ‘Broken Soul’ and you given highly expressive pitched harmonics from the start with a gentle progressed beat. The vocals are full of warmth and power. This is or rather could be a great power-ballad over the years to come.

A good album with many intricacies which would be Ideal for people who enjoy solid Metal with highly expressed vocals and melodies.




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