MIRRORBLACK “Awakening” demo (2011)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Mirrorblack
EP: Awakening
Label: Independent (Self Released)
Year: June 2011

1. Awakening
2. Time to Die

Mirrorblack are back with their second instalment to the ever increasing array of songs. This time we’re are given two tracks as a demo look at what is to come next.

As ‘Awakening’ starts you are thrown yet again head first into the heavy thrash vocals of Joe Hughes and his super expressively controlled layering. The music is far heavier than that of the last album, with contrasting bass licks and heavy guitar gallops collectively moderated behind the richness of the drums. Add to this the warm textures of the synth layering before the vocals come back with the much loved screams and flairs that have made this band unique among their peers.

‘Time to Die’ is so heavy I had to turn the bass EQ down on my player. This heavily bass driven track is to the likes of Annihilator, Megadeth, Sabbath and many others out there. With the richness again in the vocals, the track has taken a whole new turn on British Heavy Metal. As the track progresses into the breakdown section, the solo guitars feel very much like that of the style behind Kirk Hammett‘s best bits without the overuse of auto-wah. Back into the verse and you’re given a blast heavy nuances and little mechanical clever points which you normally wouldn’t notice elsewhere, but they really stand out here.

If this two track demo is a look into things to come for this band then I like many others will await their next instalment of madness.

Another great example of what can be done when great musicians join forces and make music!

For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/mirrorblackmusic


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