MIRRORBLACK “Assassin’s Reflection” (2010)

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Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Mirrorblack
Album: Assassin’s Reflection
Label: Independent (Self Released)
Year: 2010

1. This I Swear
2. Contract
3. Penance
4. Righteous Vengeance
5. Eye (for an Eye)
6. Reflections (Instrumental)

Out of nowhere ‘Mirrorblack’ come in hard with a fury of metal combining heavy attacks of guitar riffs and beats to destroy even the hardest metalheads out there. ‘This I Swear’ uses a mix of fast running riff lines and melody lines to leave a mass of destruction behind it. With the combinations of heavy chugs and vocal effects, this is one really heavy starting track worthy of all great metal tracks.
Into ‘Contract’ and we’re introduced to Saxon’esq melodies and hooks before again the powerful vocals take control taking this track into a new place. Add then the breakdowns between the guitars and drums into the atmospheric chord based structures and harmony lines, you are drawn in and kept there.
‘Penance’ starts with a beautifully haunting classic intro line, so gentle and well played in every element. The pure tonalities of the lead guitars are so well executed with full control and full of atmospheric changes. The vocals are full of expression and thought, adding an additional element of texture to this powerful track.
Into my favourite track on this album ‘Righteous Vengeance’, this is an absolute madhouse track with the vocals screaming their way through the heaviness whilst keeping control, add then the full blast of the melodies and heavy riffing and you have one extremely powerful track. As you get deeper into the track itself the song expands into something quite extraordinary as the lead guitars take control and open up another element, which then leads into a pure heaviness with the growled vocals, and back into the melodies with speed increase between the drums and guitars. Brilliant!
‘Eye (for an Eye)’ starts with an almost ‘symphony x’ type lick opening the track up for so many potentials before the vocals come in to give it a lashing. As you progress further and further into the track your whole experience of the song increases. As you go deeper, the music goes with you, taking you further into more atmospheric changes of the music and vocals.
We leave the album with the instrumental madness that is ‘Reflections’, with the arpeggio sweeps, echoes, delays and multitudes of heaviness with licks and riffs flying in from every corner.

A Beautifully rich album full of textures, key elements and moods to take you on an endless journey of self awakening and discovery!

Absolute Brilliance

Joe Hughes – Vocals, Guitar,
Rod Boston – Bass,
Jon Woodhead – Guitar,
Ollie King – Drums

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/mirrorblackmusic


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