LULLACRY “Where Angels Fear” (2012)

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Artist: Lullacry
Album: Where Angels Fear
Label: End of the Light Records/Scarlet Records
Release Dates: North & South America: April 10th 2012, Europe: April 16th 2012

1. Antidote to You
2. Still an Angel
3. Thousand Suns
4. Feel My Revenge
5. Bad Blood
6. All Behind
7. Gone Are the Days
8. I Am
9. Broken (Into Pieces)
10. Where Angels Fear
11. Stay

Melodic Metal band ‘Lullacry’ offer us a view of their latest and 5th album ‘Where Angels Fear’. The band which comes from Helsinki, Finland combines Female driven gothic metal/punk vocals, Heavy catchy rhythms, and fierce drums.

There seems to be a loss of genre allocation somewhere, I listened to the album a few times and at best would describe this as heavy rock/punk but certainly not Metal of any sort. With ‘Lainio’ taking lead vocals, it really feels like you’re listening to a punk album. Unfortunately it has very few emotive songs and nothing that really grabs you. The music itself does have a few catchy elements but mostly that of a good pop song. ‘Gone are the days’ has a lovely opening intro section with loads of weird and wonderful effects until it kicks in, then all the levels disappear, bad mix perhaps? I found this happen quite a few times throughout the album; the levels are fine until suddenly they drop below a good standard. ‘I am’ lacks any real power in the vocals and although the music is ok, it feels over compressed and has the “Warble” in certain places. Another track ‘Where angels fear’, again we’re given a mixture of vocals with some elements of rock, but lacking any real power or expression. The music is good, and has some catchy elements with noticeable parts. The album ends with ‘Stay’; the acoustic intro is very nice to hear after everything that was so disappointing with the album. Beautiful vocals, well, up to a point. Personally I think the mix is bad. Better expressions in the vocals, more use of emotions and textures. Best song on the album for me

All in all, not bad, but not great.


Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Line up:
Tanja Lainio – vocals
Sami Leppikangas – Lead guitar
Sauli Kivilahti – Guitar
Kimmo “Heavy” Hiltunen – Bass
Jukka Outinen – drums


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