LLVME “Yía De Nuesu” (2012)

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Artist – LLVME
Title – Yía De Nuesu
Label – My Kingdom Music
Release date – March 26th, 2012

1. 1188-1230
2. Helmántica
3. Vettonia
4. Vaqueirada’l Baitse
5. Conceyu
6. Yia Fatu A Tierra
7. Pramoséu
8. Purtiellu De La Llïaltá
9. Llibación Nu Alborecer
10. Xota Chaconeada
11. Miróbriga
12. Fayéu De Sueños

Leonese Folk Doom Metal band ‘LLVME’ offer us their latest instalment to their discography entitled ‘Yía De Nuesu’. ‘LLVME’ meaning ‘Fire’ in the native language of the ancient kingdom of Leon has up to date released 2 other albums with this being their third, in this beautiful language. With a mixture of instruments ranging from the Guitars, Violins and choirs up to the Bagpipes and Hurdy-Gurdy, expressions and characteristics really come to light with this album as a whole and become very colourful indeed.

With the super expressive instruments starting this album followed up with the vocal section of ‘Montejo’ and the female vocals adjoining before the very gentle phrasing of the violins, into the solo section just leaves you struck for words. A truly inspiration first track!

There is no doubt in my mind what-so-ever that the impact of this album has definitely altered my view on ‘Doom and Folk Metal’ entirely. As you progress through this album you are so heavily given a huge range of emotions and feelings so much so that you are left with a feeling of ‘I’m going to go find more music like this!’

With a mixture of vocal combinations between the male screams and growls and the gentle almost subtle female vocals riding the background this album has it all.

Having always been a big fan of the bagpipes especially when played well ‘Vettonia’ was a real joy for me, with the breakdowns of instruments controlling an absolute madness within heavy rhythms and the eastern type scales this track is brilliant as is the whole album. ‘Pramoséu’ is another great song entirely upon itself, taking you to the streets and leaving you to take in the sights, smells and atmosphere’s of a world without limits.

If you like to be taken onto a journey of discovery then this will be perfect for you. With the lead guitar sections worthy of some of the most beautiful tones you will ever hear in a lifetime, to the rhythms that take you right into the fields like that of ‘Purtiellu De La Llïaltá’ and vocal mixtures so well created, then this album is most definitely for you.

Extraordinarily Beautiful!

Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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