L’ENDEVI’ “An Eternity” (2012)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: L’endevi
Album: An Eternity
Label: Art Gates Records
Release Date: March 2012

1. Gold
2. Red ivy
3. An eternity
4. Laments for loners
5. Slug
6. We are the metal
7. My crow
8. Silent enemy
9. The hole
10. Unjust unnatural deaths
11. The maze

‘L’Endeví‘ the Spanish Goth/Rock Metal band is hitting up a storm with their latest album ‘An Eternity’ which is out now. With their heavy use of beautifully created effects in the intro to the song ‘Gold’ with the sythns creating a dreamscape atmosphere I can see why this band is making big impressions everywhere they go. Into the main section of the track and the music becomes very dark with very expressive punk-esq vocals driving this piece of madness alongside the chops of the guitars. The song flows to and fro between gentle sections and heavy passages whilst remaining technically intricate and highly hypnotising if not enticing to the listener. As you move into ‘Red ivy’ the vocals seem to get more and more aggressive and powerful beyond anything else, with the backing screams and growls mixed with the effects is simply haunting. Powerful music with heavy guitars, powerful drums, and yet the ending was pitiful; however the song had some really great features to it.
As you progress through the tracks you’ll eventually get to the really expressive ‘Slug’ with the fantastic use of leading melody lines to keeps this piece of music flowing constantly throughout.
Into ‘Silent enemy’ which is just simply beautiful in every sense of the word, with the gentle use of vocals and orchestral compositions from the string sections with the clean guitars leading all the way. As the track progresses and the beat kicks in, the vocals keep to a gentle yet affirmative sense.  The music slowly gets heavier with some really clever layering and sequences taking you into an entirely different aspect, whilst increasing your view on everything else.

From a heavy madness to super-rich clean passages and the most enticing vocals ever to be placed in a single setting, this album encapsulates all the elements of a really great album and as you leave the last track with a final clarity from ‘The maze’ you can see why I played the whole thing again.


An Eternity Tour 2012

10/03/2012 Old School (Murcia)
24/03/2012 Trincheras Rock Fest (Sarrión)
01/04/2012 Nouveau Casino (París)
06/04/2012 Fata Morgana (Gandia)
21/04/2012 Haemorrage Emetic Club (Castellón)
27/04/2012 Perro Verde Rock bar (Requena)
04/05/2012 Sala Durango (Valencia)
12/05/2012 Sala Audio Rock (Madrid)
30/06/2012 Metalarium (Badajoz)



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