L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN “The Essence Remains” (2012)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Album – The Essence Remains
Label – My Kingdom Music
Release date – March 26th, 2012

1. Snowstorm
2. The Fairies’ Circle
3. Silence
4. Lilith
5. Holy Mountain pt 1 The Alkemist’s Frode
6. Holy Mountain pt 2 The Rebirth
7. 24 Megatons
8. Equilibrium
9. The Essence Remains

Italian Alternative Metal/Dark Rock band ‘L’Alba Di Morrigan’ has just released their new album ‘The Essence Remains’ featuring the talented Frank Default (Katatonia and Bloodbath) on the track ‘The Essence Remains’.

From ’24 Megatons’ with the head nodding riffs and mixture between the effects of gentle melodies to the sudden rhythm increase then back to the gentleness and so forth between the two you are left in a great state of confusion. However, with the early onset of the distorted bass riff of ‘ Holy Mountain pt 1’ you are driven into an almost hypnotic, even psychedelic state of bliss. Put this alongside the use of gentle sweeping effects and gentle mid range vocals with the delay included and you almost become absorbed into an early state of sub consciousness where the gentle people reside.

The only real downside I find to this album is the massive over use of effects which in places can be slightly too much for this easy listening album. However when you put the entire use of these effects into context, then you can see the dark chorus chamber based atmospheres they were after and it does work to a degree.

I can imagine watching this band live would be an amazing experience as I could feel my own body shifting to the melodies and rhythmic changes.

For fans of music that opens up the mind this is definitely for you.


Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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