Indigo Darkpsych “Struck EP” (2012)

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Indigo Darkpsych “Struck EP” (2012)
Label: BlueFreya


Struck – On first glances you immediately get that feeling of something almost out of the ordinary. Combined with an almost ‘dance’ like industrial special effects and raunchy guitar riffs, this track takes you on an ever elusive journey into the minds of industrial based metal and keeps you there.

Thanks – The overall basis of this song opens up the listener to another view on life in an almost Kate Bush style. The lead vocals provide both gentle and powerful combinations to give you not only beauty, but simplicity throughout the song. The passions in the vocal lines are enough to keep you listening, waiting in anticipation for the next progression.

I don’t care – From what starts off as a gentle paced song, you are led into a false sense of security just as the strength of the vocals come out in full force. The vocal lines control this entire track with passion holding you deep within the music, putting you almost on the edge of your seats. It is not often you get melody, power, great progressions, beautiful use of strings (orchestral) and passion all combined within the same song.

Overall, for uplifting music and an artist to keep you hooked throughout, this band has so many great features going for them. Indigo Darkpsych would be ideal for not only diehard fans of female fronted melodic metal/industrial such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil etc… It is also for those with an interest in heavy rock and ballad based music. The quality of the recordings is at very high standards as is almost expected with music software on the increase, as are the progressions in the instruments, vocals, and melodies. Keep an eye (and possibly your mind) open for Indigo Darkpsych, as I too am certainly looking forward to more releases in the future.

Final score 7.5/10

Reviewed by Dylan Raine

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