HEAVY MANIC SOULS “Heavy Manic Souls” (2012)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Heavy Manic Souls
Album:  Heavy Manic Souls
Label:  Independent (Self Released)
Year:   2012

1.  Change the reality
2.  Juggernaut (Fury Road)
3.  The Lone star state song
4.  Rollerball
5.  Cigarette
6.  Heads or tails
7.  Escape from earth
8.  Down in the rain
9.  Badass Motherfucker
10. Uncle pirate blues
11. Heavy foot, cool hand

From Jazz to Blues to Rock then back again is usually a very dangerous element for many bands to attempt in one setting, let alone to compile it into one sound or experience; and yet, Heavy Manic Souls have done just that. With their raw injection of all their groves and mind sets they have paved a new way for music and lined the road that only the talented may attempt.

We start this episode with ‘Change the Reality’, and sure enough you are given a blast of music from all directions. Chris Francheteau (guitar) opens up with an impromptu solo section before Rod Chaillou (drums), Eric Robin (bass), & Eric Dufour (lead vocal) come in with that much loved fast paced blues we’ve all come to love. Like that of the late great ‘J. Hendrix’ everything takes place to take you into the music. With great bass lines leading the way, and drums setting the pace you are immediately given the sound to look forward to.

Here comes the “Wah”, the much loved Wah/Wah pedal with that distinctive sound given you the feeling of travelling back to where the good blues artists play. With chunky rhythm riffs, Eric Dufour’s vocals and the bass and drums gently guiding you on the path before the guitar solo, which by now you should be expecting something special, and it is! ‘Juggernaut’ is an exceptional second song absolutely full of life.

‘Down in the rain’ starts with what feels like a cross between Hendrix’s ‘Castle’s made of Sand’ and ‘All along the Watchtower’ which at first I’d actually thought they had done a combo of both. The guitar is so well represented here, I could listen to this track all day!

On to ‘Badass Motherfucker’ where the slide guitar takes full control here with the raw vocals leading the entire track into a state of bliss.

Let’s slow things down a touch and put on ‘Uncle Pirate blues’ where we get given a glance of pure emotion. Traditional blues comes creeping out of the corners with everything we love about the blues coming to light.

For fans of Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, and many more, this will be right up your alley.

Pure Brilliance in every possible way


Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Juggernaut (Fury Road) video



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