HANGFIRE “Shoot The Crow” (2010)

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Artist – Hangfire
Album – Shoot the Crow
Label – Independent (Self Released)
Year – 2010

1. Adrenalise
2. For Crying Out Loud
3. Bodies
4. Deadman Walking
5. Shoot the Crow
6. Slip Away
7. Faith in Me
8. Fire in the Hole
9. Drop the Bomb
10. Shadows Fall (Bonus Track)
11. Deadman Walking (Acoustic)

Southern Welsh Heavy Blues/Rock band are back and rocking hard with their album ‘Shoot the Crow’ which has been part produced by guitarist Lizzy Evans and Red Skies, Engineered by Lyn Price at the Redrock Studios in Newport, Wales, it has received great response so far and may continue to do so.

So who are they? With original members Max Rhead on lead vocals and Lee ‘Lizzy’ Evans on the lead guitar they are joined with bassist Bobby Goo (ex The October Country) and (ex-Tigertailz) drummer Matt Blakout to create this rhythmic beating of melody and hard rock combination. Categorised as a heavy glam band in some places, these guys have not held back with this album and I can feel the fury of it as it rages around my CD player waiting and demanding to be heard.

In no time at all, as soon as you hit that play button, you are thrown straight into their first track ‘Adrenalise’. Which if you like pure raw anthems mixed with adrenaline fuelled soloing by the very talented ‘Lizzy’ Evans you are immediately going to love this track, and this just the start! Super rich layers make up ‘Adrenalise’ with raunchy guitar chugs and powerful vocals taking centre stage. The feeling of early ’80’s rock is among you taking you back to the good ‘ole days but then without any warning you’re back in the now, being lassoed into the front of an open stage, rocking with these giants.
As the album progresses through the songs you become a part of the entire feeling, you are there, watching from afar and enjoying the moment. As we enter more and more songs, the influences that of Whitesnake and Led Zeppelin come hammering out of nowhere nearly knocking you off your feet (I was lucky, as I was already sitting down!)
The overall sound of this album is perfect tone control with the guitars sending out fantastic melodies and keeping the rhythms to perfect cue whilst the drums pound the listener into an unforgettable journey. Rhead’s vocal lines are perfectly pitched with so much control and attitude that this album is almost screaming for attention. Add to that the additional bonus track at the end, Acoustic ‘Deadman Walking’ which almost slows things down a little, leaving you in complete state of awe.

Having been a huge fan of blues orientated rock for many of years. This album is right up my alley. If you are a fan of superb tonality (voice and sound) and perfect pitched soloing to the standards of Joe Banamassa, Gary Moore, Tony Iommi, aggressive and leading vocal lines, a heart pounding bass line and drums to get your head rocking then this is most definitely for you.


Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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