GOLDEN SEXTION “The Silicon Age” (2012)

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Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Golden Sextion
Album: The Silicon Age
Label: logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi
Release Date: 04/02/2012

1. Hi-Tech Love
2. White Wall
3. Sex N’ Roll
4. Portrait
5. So Far From This Day
6. Jesus on My Back
7. Saints Are Gone
8. The Silicon Age
9. Hidden Truth
10. My Pain
11. From High

“Telling people our vision of this world, that’s what we always wanted to do… this album is an indissoluble fusion of lyrics and music, it’s a journey through beautiful and bad things that surround us every day!” – Fabio Dessi (Fabian).

Golden Sextion is a hard rock band founded in Modena in 2007 by Faust and Loose: their aim is to create modern and sophisticated songs, trying to merge at best their influences to impress the audience and to gain more and more fans!

The line-up stabilized in 2009, and consists of Fabio Dessi (Fabian) on vocals, Fausto Giovannini (Faust) on bass, Andrea Lusenti (Loose) on guitars and Gianvittorio Vandelli (Jean) on drums: the guys quickly obtain approval and support from a growing fan base, and decide together to enter the studio to record their first album, “The Silicon Age”.

Into the album and we start with super expressive “dirty” guitars and heavy rock throughout the drums, bass, and vocals. The chorus is absolutely full of sounds and madness, integrating every possible sound into one element. ‘White Wall’ has for the first time introduced an almost synth based “White Noise” effect panning on the left which works exceptionally well, it is totally different but very effective. The Vocals are very typically of all good rock anthems, into the solos and we’re given a blast of Satriani-esq expressions and techniques. ‘So Far From This Day’ just melted me, with the rich synths, combined with the delayed acoustic guitars before the highly expressive vocals come in to take you onto another plane of existence. Into the solo which I’m hoping is going to be something special, and it is! Beautifully rich tones and simple playing (not too over-the-top) which could have easily ruined it, before the vocals come in again and continue this song. Amazing!
As you move further and further through the album you are given a blast of hard hitting anthem tracks from a band which I can only hope to see live one day. The use of progressions and synths are exceptionally well created to produce the best possible outcome of one album. ‘The Silicon Age’ is an excellent example of the expressions being combined into one great piece of music, with everything just fitting into place. With the mix of digital trance-like effects jumping back and forth throughout the track before the octave effect solo guitars come crashing in taking you deeper into the music. We leave this album with ‘From High’ and the highly hypnotic digital bass/synth line before the vocals come in and take it further. A fantastic mix and combination of expression coming out of every crack in the wall!

Absolutely brilliant!



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