GOD FORBID “Equilibrium” (March 2012)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

God Forbid “Equilibrium”
Release date: 26th March 2012
Label: Victory Records

Track listing

01 Don’t tell me what to Dream
02 Mr Rebirth
03 A Few Good Men
04 Scraping the Walls
05 Conquer
06 Equilibrium
07 Overcome
08 Cornered
09 This Is Who I Am
10 Move On
11 Pages
12 Awakening
13 Where We Come From

Over the years, God Forbid have not only become a worldwide name, but also quoted and respected as one of the greatest metal bands in the world. With 5 studio albums sitting behind them, 2 EPs, a constantly growing fan base, ‘Equilibrium’ is looking to be mile marker number 6 for these monsters of metal.

From the very start of this album you are thrown head first into the depths of possibly God Forbids heaviest, most progressive album. It’s not just a ‘good’ album; it’s a ‘great’ album. Davies taking melodic metal vocals into the deepest darkest depths of hell and further and taking you with him – head first! Expressions going far beyond just ‘riffs’, mixed with the unrelenting heavy sound that God Forbid are famous for is massively shown throughout this album. Half way through the album you almost think to yourself “this can’t possibly get any heavier”, but it does! With haunting riffs and melodies, Davies’ control of expressively powerful vocals, extremely overwhelming phrasing and immense bass lines, all combined with the most intense drumming I’ve ever heard on a God Forbid album.

God Forbids ‘Equilibrium’ goes from strength to strength, and not only takes you with the music every step of the way but keeps you there.

Quite possibly God Forbids greatest album since ‘Constitution of Treason’ in 2005.

‘Equilibrium’ is Intense!


Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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