ENGEL “Blood Of Saints” (2012)

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Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Engel
Album: Blood of SaintsLabel: Seasons of Mist
Date of Release: 18th May 2012

1. Question Your Place
2. Frontline
3. Feel Afraid
4. Numb
5. Cashking
6. One Good Thing
7. Blood of Saints
8. Down to Nothing
9. Drama Queen
10. In Darkness

Engel who have up-to-date released 2 previous albums, done numerous tours and gigs with bands such as Arch Enemy, Pain, Paradise Lost and Atreyu, but to name a few, are set to release their 3rd album unto us come the 18th May 2012. So what do we expect to hear from them? Well, if you have heard any of their previous albums th
We start this album with an explosion of forces that I can’t even try to explain. Throw this together a mixture of effects with a raw heaviness of guitars before Klavborn starts, leaves chills running through you. ‘Question Your Place’ is an exceptional first track to get you ready for the rest. ‘Feel Afraid’ is “one of those” tracks you’ll find yourself humming to yourself for many days after hearing it. With the very catchy start and chorus sections, not forgetting the little melodic quirks throughout. The combination between the power in the drums and everything else really keeps you tuned into this all the way. With the mid breakdown into the solo section everything is very well executed taking the music into another realm. ‘Cashking’ has one of “those” strange starts you’d expect to be placed elsewhere, perhaps in another genre altogether, however as you progress into the track you realise nothing else could have made it better than this. With the combination between the growls and screams in ‘Blood of Saints’ and the melodies flowing back and forth, this is another extraordinary track within itself.en you’ll know that there is a basis of “No Limitations” thrown into their tracks and their style and if you expect that then you’re set for this!

The album is absolutely crammed with so many fantastic combinations of melodies, hooks, vocal combinations, effects, guitar solos, and progressions to keep you hooked. ‘Journeys End’ is another brilliant track to gently take you to the end of what for me has been an amazing album.

Melodic/Industrial Metal at its best!9/10

Magnus Klavborn – vocals
Niclas Engelin – guitars
Marcus Sunesson – guitars

Steve Drennan – bass
Jimmy Olausson – drums

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