ELDRITCH “Gaia’s Legacy” (2011)

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Reviewed by Dylan Raine

Artist: Eldritch
Album: Gaia’s Legacy
Label: Scarlet Records
Year: November 2011

1. Gaia’s Legacy
2. Deviation
3. Our Land
4. Vortex of Disasters
5. Mother Earth
6. Everything’s Burning
7. Thinning Out
8. Like a Child
9. Signs
10. Thoughts of Grey
11. Thirst in our hands (Dry Tears)
12. Through Different Eyes

Taking a huge giant leap into ‘Eldritch’s concept album – ‘Gaia’s Legacy’ and you’re thrown head first into an array of tempos beyond the average experiment. From track to track you are given not only super technical expressions of vocals, but exceptional soloing, high calibre breakdowns between the drums and guitars, hypnotic melodies and so many expressions you won’t know what to do with.

Going from track to track you are shown the true talent of this band, and the concept which everything is risen from. The concept leads us into the effects of Global Warming, Climate Change and whatever has to do with Mother Nature and our planet. The lyrics are heavily based around these topics and the music has that very “destructive” quality to it.

With ‘Gaia’s Legacy (Instrumental)’ first track you are given a quick heads up to where this album is going to take you. Straight into the second track ‘Deviation’ and you are shown deep characteristics of Dragon Force meeting Symphony X. A mix of textures and layers in the vocals keeps this music constantly on the move without a need to pause or take a break. Progressions between the lead shredding/neo-classical flairs are not only exceptional but are very well executed throughout.

As the album progresses, you are given blasts of Keys/synths, heavy guitar blasts, highly expressive drums, and beyond all limitations in the vocals. With that of ‘Vortex of Disasters’ the combinations between the choral synths and the breakdowns in the drums is exquisite. Add then the vocals which very much reminded me of early ‘Yngwie Malmstten’s Rising Force’ with the passion and exhilarating music driving this into entirely new possibilities.

As we enter ‘Mother Earth’ the gentleness is similar of Opeth with the transitions between super expressive vocals and sweep arpeggios to the likes of Jason Becker are simply divine whilst keeping a very moderate calmness to it. Personally this has become my favourite track on the album.

Progression after progression, song by song, you are taken into a world of unrelenting expression and intricacies. Like that of ‘Thinning Out’ with the gentleness in the intro exploding into a heavy madness of shear mayhem and thrill.

Into the very beautiful ‘Thirst in our hands (Dry Tears)’ with the rich pianos and the ambience it creates, before the delayed effects create a whole new experience for the listener.

A thoroughly entertaining album absolutely crammed with everything.



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