DAMAGED “Road Trip” (2011)

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Artist: Damaged
EP:      Road Trip
Label: Independent
Year:  2011

1. Liquor & Poker
2. Road Trip
3. Long Gone Creed
4. Given Up To Praise
5. Never Leaves My Mind

Are you ready? Good, let’s go! With what feels like a blasting start from the first track on this EP you are given solid rock music. The music is well paced rock with good riffs and a good steady tempo to get your body rockin’. ‘Liquid and Poker’ is good for a first track and has that “Skater” element to it, but forget about the solo, it is yawn worthy with no real expressions. From song to song throughout the EP the same thing remains, although the songs are quite catchy and the vocals have good anthem qualities to them the lead solo’s may as well be non-existent as they seem to be being used mainly as a filler as opposed to showing something special and the drums are great for time-keeping but really lack any expression.

Overall the EP isn’t bad and would be great in the skater environment but it lacked so much for me. The mix is that poor it forced me to turn the volume up very loud just to hear everything that was going on. In total not bad, but nothing special.


Phil Werbelow (Vocals)
Alexander Staschko (Guitar)
Christian Meinke (Guitar, Backing-Vocals)
Florian Schmitz (Bass)
Sven Dirkschneider (Drums, Backing-Vocals)

Reviewed by Dylan Raine


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