Album Teaser Review: BLACK KNIGHT SYMFONIA “Ancestral Torments”

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Band: Black Knight Symfonia
Album: Ancestral Torments
Genre: Dark Epic Metal
Country: Monaco
Year: 2012

Black Knight Symfonia is soon to be releasing this second instalment of Dark/Gothic/Symphonic Metal into the world and I like many other Symhonic fans am looking forward to it.

Black Knight Symfonia‘s use of crisp, crystal clear operatic vocals from both of the female vocalists make up the majority of the sound, with the atmospheric synths, metal guitars, bass and drums carrying the tracks into a new much welcomed element of metal. This short 3:09 minute trailer shows us what is to come, and based purely on this, I am looking at good things for the future of this band.

Previous works of Black Knight Symfonia, the 2009 album ‘Heavenly Chaos’ clearly showed what this band were capable of with their new outlook on the symphonic metal genre. The reviews were high, the music was good, people were happy.

Bring on the new album, we are waiting!

Teaser reviewed by Dylan Raine

Line up:
Saga : All guitars, Bass, vocals, orchestrations
Arya : Soprano vocals
Nymphadora : Female vocals
Leviathan : Drums

For more information, please visit:


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