Nima Hedayati ‘The Path to Glory’

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nima Hedayati - The Path to Glory cover

Artist – Nima Hedayati
Album – The Path to Glory
Label – Independant (Self Published)
Year – 2011

1 – War
2 – Pathfinder
3 – Walk Alone
4 – Carefree
5 – Paradise
6 – Lost
7 – Labyrinth
8 – Torment
9 – Redeemer
10 – Peace

Iranian instrumentalist Nima Hedayati has been writing and performing music for almost 10 years, creating atmospheric music both Emotional and Intense for the listeners’ pleasure. With his latest studio album now available for free download via his website and many other mediums online, his music continues to inspire and motivate musicians around the globe.

Nima Hedayati focuses primarily on the genres based around Power Metal, Neo-Classical Fusion, hard rock, blues and traditional Persian influences. Whilst maintaining the intricacies and tender phrasing in his sound. He continually writes music and is currently working on another studio album set to be released in 2012.

The 2011 album ‘The Path to Glory’ takes the listener along a spiritual journey into an awakening of self discovery. On hearing the intro track ‘War’ you are immediately thrown into what Nima would describe as ‘a Persian way of thinking and hearing’, as the music grows around you. The solo on this track is so beautifully created with the most defined tone gently carrying it along its way. All combined within this album you are enticed with complicated riffs, gentle piano phrasing and soloing, effects beyond the average guitarist, and melodies to keep you hooked right until the end.

With Harmonic melodies like those heard in ‘Carefree’ and heavily muted pounding rhythms like those in ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Torment’ keeping you at the edge of the seat. I find the only real downside to this album is the lack of definition in the drums, almost sounding too MIDI and without any real character or expression.

Overall, this is a fantastic album.

Reviewed by Dylan Raine 2012


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